Small Cell & DAS Services

Sabre Industries Radio Cages

Sabre Industries Telecom Services offers a wide range of small cell and DAS services to the wireless community.

Sabre Industries provides complete turnkey services for both indoor and outdoor small cell and DAS projects. We are able to deploy any size project from a single DAS node to a large multi-hundred location Remote Radio Unit or DAS node field. We offer turnkey end-to-end construction services that include: site acquisition, site leasing, A&E packages, aerial and buried construction, node field construction, integration, commissioning, drive testing, performance testing, upgrades, and emergency repairs. In addition, we have the ability to modify existing or construct new head-end facilities with all critical functions; and are experts at racking and stacking OEM equipment.

Sabre leads the industry at installing small cells in right-of-way areas on existing poles, new poles, or our new SmartStack™ poles. We install antennas, RF cables, fiber, and passive equipment in large venues like football stadiums and airports. We also perform material acquisition and logistics planning to support our customer’s deployment timelines.

With access to industry-approved RF modeling tools, Sabre provides RF design services for both outdoor and indoor coverage planning. In addition, we are experts at Pathloss and can design microwave paths for backhaul networks. As specialists at integrated fiber/RF backhaul, we have the ability to merge LOS, NON-LOS, and fiber links into a cohesive network solution. We can commission multiple vendor small cell and DAS equipment, DAS hub and nodes, small cell remotes, monitoring equipment and antenna systems. We also perform factory or field burn-in services, along with optimizing network performance.

In addition to RF design services, Sabre can provide you with a network design that includes fiber plant, fiber allocations, MSC local/remote, DAS hub, and complete transport planning. Our in-house professional staff has the expertise to design network monitoring systems that interface with all common components of a wireless system including integration into Network Operating Centers (NOC).

Experienced in the industry, small cell and DAS are considered key strategic projects at Sabre; and we are committed to providing our customers with the utmost in attention and response. Our approach is process-driven to achieve industry-leading efficiency, consistent results, speed and quality, all critical in today’s wireless environment. Sabre performs all aspects of your small cell and DAS projects to your standards, and within your budget and timeline constraints. For more information on Sabre’s small cell and DAS solutions, please call (318) 213-2900 or email us at

We have the expertise to provide you with innovative small cell and DAS solutions.