Sabre Industries Engineering

Creating state-of-the-art products takes a professional staff with a wide range of engineering disciplines and capabilities.

Our in-house engineering team have the ability to custom engineer a structure that meets your requirements while providing value engineering for full integration of your electrical system. Engineering documents are produced utilizing the latest 3D-CAD systems, while computer modeling allows for complete loading analysis, testing of constructability, and product material verification.

Sabre’s engineering group performs HVAC, electrical service and wind storm calculations, structural finite element analysis (FEA), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) thermal modeling. We perform building state approvals across the U.S. and comply with the latest local and national code requirements. If required products are delivered with Professional Engineered stamped drawings in the state where your project is located.

Sabre’s engineering group works with our customers to make sure that every detail of your project is developed to your satisfaction. To contact someone in Sabre’s engineering department, please email or call (318) 213-2900.

Sabre has the ability to custom engineer an enclosure or skid that meets your requirements.